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To Determine A Best Fit for Your Scope:

    1. Determine your overall scope length. Include length with sunshades if so equipped. This isn't rocket science, you can round up or down to the nearest whole inch, the covers are very forgiving because they stretch. 

    2. When browsing under a color pattern, use the drop-down size menu. Simply select the size where your scope length falls in about the middle of the shown fit range. Usually this will mean the cover is about an inch shorter than the scope itself, which is necessary for stretching and sealing around the objective and ocular rims.

    3. If your scope length is longer or shorter than the stock sizes in the dropdown menu, just click the box and type in your needed length and, if possible your scope make and model.

    4. If your objective lens is 56mm or greater in size, check that box and type in the size.

    5. If your scope has unusually large or wide turrets, check the box and type in the scope make and model.

THATS IT! Just proceed to add to your cart as many sizes or colors desired in the same way then proceed to checkout.

        To Install:

     Attach Keeper Loop Over  Forearm, utilizing the quick connect/disconnect clip'

    Place Cover Over The Objective Lens and Stretch Back Over the Eye End


    Grasp Rear Finger Tab, Pull Cover Rearward and Up,

 Then Release.   Cover "slingshots" Forward, Clear of Scope, But Is Retained On The Rifle    



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